social activism and entrepreneurship

Biggi Vinkeloe have always been passionate about gender issues and equality, already at a five year old I realized that I would be very difficult to pursue my vision and dreams just because I was born a girl. Gender equality is still not achieved today, six decades later.

She have been member of women activists organization in Germany, France and Sweden. From 2018 to 2020 I was the International President of WJSF (Women in Jazz South Florida).

She was part of an important exchange project between Gothenburg and Washington, D.C. celebrating and bringing attention to women in a traditionally male-dominated music community.

RAW Sound Sweden was an all-woman sextet representing Sweden Women in Jazz in 2015 in Washington D.C. Raw Sound Sweden was one of the rare ensembles without men I worked with.

Since then, I have collaborated with the founder and organizer of the Washington Women in Jazz Festival, pianist and vocalist Amy K Bormet. We formed the Harold Trio in 2015, with Tina Raymond on drums.

She conduct workshops and masterclasses about gender related issues within music education and the music business, at colleges and universities.

I am currently member of the WJSF (Women in Jazz South Florida) and WJO (Women in Jazz Organization) New York.

In 2016, I founded SHO, Stans Häftigaste Orkester (The City’s Most Amazing Orchestra) in Gothenburg. SHO is an inclusive workshop orchestra for people of all ages and generations, from beginners to experienced instrumentalists. We have welcomed guest musicians for workshop sessions from Italy, Sweden, France, the US and India. Through the workshop orchestra, I explore new ways of teaching music in a group setting. I am also interested in the correlation between music and (physical and emotional) well-being; using active music playing to ameliorate skills like concentration, focus and teamwork, along with hand-eye and ear-hand coordination and memory.

In 2020, I became a board member of Global Kulture, a community of musicians and social entrepreneurs, based in Bangalore, India.

In Uganda, Nema Vinkeloe and I also premiered our project PROUD. We have since then had workshops with women of various ages in Sweden and India.

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