Vinkeloe’s style is so subtle and smooth, especially on flute, that in another life she could have been a brilliant classical musician. Her recordings have an unsentimental patience and lushness. On alto, Vinkeloe displays a remarkably sophisticated sense of harmony, while spinning complicated melodic lines. She is also a rarity in the male-dominated world of creative music     
David Cook, SF Weekly, January 2002

    A complete surprise and delight, however, was the Swedish altoist Biggi Vinkeloe. Possessor of a delicate, wistful, nearly transparent tone, Vinkeloe constructs thoughtful melodic contours of subtlety, insinuation and inference, employing sparse phrases that hang lightly in the air and leave plenty of breathing space     
Art Lange, Music Works, 1999


Biggi Vinkeloe is one of few women musicians of her generation that has been influential in jazz and improvisational music. She has released over 30 albums and has toured in North America, Europe and Asia. She has an enormous musical range and has initiated a great number of genre-bending projects, combining music with dance, art and visual performances. She has actively worked for gender equality and women’s issues since the 1970s and has been a member of various activist groups. Since 2017, she is the international president of Women in Jazz South Florida.

Biggi Vinkeloe has performed in Sweden, France, Germany, England, Finland, Italy, Denmark, Norway, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Austria, Czech Republic, Canada, USA, Lithuania, India, Uganda, Peeter Uuskyla, Barre Phillips, Peter Kowald, Cecil Taylor, Ken Filiano, Steve Swell, Joel Futtermann, Alex Cline, Chris Brown, Jacques Veillé, Giancarlo Locatelli, Alberto Braida, Filippo Monico, Bernard Santacruz, Roberto Bellatalla, Paul Plimley, Jackson Krall, Joachim Zoepf, Georg Wolf, Gino Robair, Gianni Gebbia, Jerome Bryerton, Wayne Lopes, Paul Obermayer, Rex Casswell, Peter Friis Nielsen, Perry Robinson, Vinny Golia, Harris Eisenstadt, Damon Smith, Mark Weaver, Jonathan Segel, Mischa Feigin, Marco Eneidi, Bruce Eisenbeil, Jean Marc Montera, Thomas Gustafsson, Anders Kjellberg, Donald Robinson, Lisle Ellis, Matt Lavelle, Rich Rosenthal, Gil Selinger, Tim Perkis, Scott Walton, Philip Greenlief, Vijay Anderson, Arun Sivag, S.R.Ramakrishna, Mukesh Madikeri, Jair Rohm Parker Wells, François Lemonnier, Andrew Drury, Joshua Lance, Jagadeesh M. R. among others.

But also with Amy Bormet, Tina Raymond, Miya Masaoka, Lisa Harris, Gabby Fluke-Mogul, Kim Nucci, India Cooke, Angela Wellman, Cyndy Elliott, Charmaine Michelle, Sarah Hughes, Nina de Heney, Nema Vinkeloe, Charmaine Michelle, Amy Reed, Emily Hay, Thea Farhadian, Motoko Honda, Sangeetha Ravindranath, Annika Törnqvist, Suzanne Cortez, Signe Dahlgreen, Cheryl Pyle, Marie Selander, Ana Barreiro, Roberta Piket, Virginia Mayhew, Andrea Wolper, Karine Chapdelaine, Beth Custer, Sylvie Degiez, Lotte Anker, among others.

She has performed with musicians from other boards, such as heavy metal bass player Magnus Rosén and drummer Anders Johansson; organ player Karin Nelson; New Music accordion player Marie Wärme; classical singer Marta Schele; opera singer Maria Forsström; accordion player and composer Timo Kinnunen; classical carnatic musicians violinists Dr. Mysore Manjunath, Sumanth Manjunath, sitar player Rafiq Khan, percussionists Pramath Kiran and B.C. Manjunath.

She performed with different choirs with music ranging from Saint Birgitta to modern music in Sweden; Indian percussion ensemble Swahaa, World Fusion group MoonArra in India and jazz ensemble 12 Houses in the US.

Biggi Vinkeloe is very passionate about gender equality and women in the music business and was the International President of WJSF Women in Jazz South Florida 2018 to 2020 and member of IMPRA, Sweden from 2007 to 2019. She is member of Women in Jazz Organisation WJO New York.